Our Customers

Our customers are business owners of small and medium sized companies (SMEs), Private Equity funds or Family Offices. We act as exclusive Financial Advisor during the whole project period where we work on a specific M&A or other corporate development project.

Business Owners

We assist business owners of small and medium sized companies to review their strategic options if they face critical moments in their business’ life cycle such as retirement, success planning or e.g. a difficult business environment. They are interested to evaluate external options for growth through e.g. acquisitions, joint ventures or mergers or in case of turnaround or situations with liquity issues with a sale or capital raising (bank financing or equity financing). Privilege Partners assists businss owners as a knowledgeable sparring partner, knowing their business inside out from a financial perspective and helping them in building a solid framework for financial decision making. We normally prepare our own financial analysis, financial model and undertake our own research to substantiate or contradict our clients preliminary opinions.

Private Equity Funds

Private Equity clients seek to execute on a specific investment strategy and need to exit their investments to the best possible buyer within 5 – 7 years in order to achieve their Internal rate of return (IRR) target – normally above 20%. Privilege Partners understands how Private Equity funds work and how they create value. We assist Private Equity funds to achieve their objectives either by sourcing new deal opportunities for them or by advising them on the sale of their portfolio companies.

Family Offices / High-Net Worth Investors

Family offices / high-net worth investors require our professional services to assist in deal sourcing, screening and evaluation in order to increase their efficiency and scope of reach. We have executed systematic buy-side search mandates to assist with taylor made identification of suitable acquisition targets and provided our clients with a better quality of target companies as we apply a pro-active rather than a passive sourcing approach. We also assist with second opinions on investment cases by adding substantial insight and research to the analysis.